Monday, August 19, 2013

Ed Tech start-ups, TED radio, and professional development

Rant the first:
Every time I hear about another ed tech start up I think of this: 

Notice that helping students is not part of the business plan. 

Rant the second: 
There is now such a thing as TED radio.  It's bad enough that TED seems to have taken over the market in public intellectuals but it's been a good seven years since Hans Rosling's talk, and four years since Bobby McFerrin's (which wasn't even a TED talk, but they appropriated it).  That shark has jumped.  However, NPR is now doing TED radio.  I shudder to think how silicon valley is going to try improve my world next.  NB:  Techies do much better at inventing things accidentally and then letting us put them to other uses as opposed to intentionally trying to change the way I do things.

Rant the third:
Twitter is a great for professional development if you already have an idea of what you want to do.  If you were clueless before twitter, getting on twitter is not going to make your pd happen.  And in the worst case scenario it turns into an amen chorus.  Actually, in a worst case scenario some Canadian guy begs people to follow you on your behalf. 

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