Friday, April 18, 2014

Change (one little bit at a time).

Earlier this week, I noted in my Happy Bloggerversery to Me Post that my post on women dealing with sexual harassment and sexual assault on college campuses circulated somewhat widely on facebook driven largely by shares of my former students.  Someone who read that post wrote to me via a mutual acquaintance:

"I read it in my kitchen and just cried in the super cinematic way that happens to people, and I read it repeatedly, and I still do, but that made something un-stuck"

The question "why doesn't it change" led her write this article in the Columbia Spectator.  Anonymous describes the attempted sexual assault she escaped and her reaction:

I know the actions that are recommended for a student who’s been assaulted—I didn’t take them. I know I should have gone to Public Safety and had them lead me to the starting line with the police. I know I should have done something other than curl into a fetal position in my room and worry my roommate.
I couldn’t do it. 
At the time, I feared that going to the police would have made my already shitty day cataclysmic. I feared having to explain myself and live through the situation again, breaking more each time.
I knew I needed help, so I made an appointment at the Furman Center. I never said why—only that I was anxious and couldn’t sleep. But I hid the injured foot that needed treatment, and pretended it didn’t exist while I was there. I was asked questions that I didn’t answer and felt both compelled but unable to use my voice properly.
I stayed silent because it was safer. I cancelled my next appointment. I never came back, and I never want to. I ran away from it just as I ran away from him.
Go read the whole thing as they say.

Kudos you to Anonymous.  Keep up the good fight. Remember change isn't made by one big important person making one big important decision.  Change is made by lots and lots of people making lots and lots of decisions all the time.  Decide well, people. 

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