Tuesday, September 2, 2014

School starts tomorrow....

so it's not like I'm going to sleep tonight.  What better time to compile the 10 book challenge.

Books and some articles, one soundtrack.
Waterland - Graham Swift A wonderful book about teaching, history, the environment, men, women, families, pain, memory and forgetting.
My Side of the Mountain - I read it at least 50 times. Along with the Boxcar Children (the first one) it shaped many of my fantasies about wanting to run away and live in the woods.
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I spent days one summer looking for a passage to Narnia. Mom had to ruin it by pointing out that Aslan was Jesus and books were never the same again. But in a good way. Reread the series recently and was appalled at how bad and preachy the books were. Still, lifelong fantasy and sf geek here and probably because of that book.
And while were on Jesus books, Stranger in a Strange Land. Because apparently I'm a sucker for SF/fantasy books about religion (setting up my later fascination with Orson Scott Card. Mom "ruined" this one too by helping me analyze it, though I appreciated it much more at the time. (While we're at it, I can still remember mom watching videos with me on early MTV and analyzing them. "That Sammy Hagar - it's just the angry young man trope" (on watching "I Can't Drive 55") I still can't decide whether this has ruined pop culture for me or made it that much better.
William Cronon, Nature's Metropolis. Michigan had no Western historian my first year of grad school. I read this instead. It was better than almost any class I ever took.
Allesandro Portelli - The Death of Luigi Trastulli You'll never look at memory the same way again.
Susan Lee Johnson - A Memory Sweet to Soldiers: The significance of Gender in the American West. David - gender. Gender - David. Nice to meet you. Oh and by the way, Susan, be my advisor? She said, Yes.
Keith Basso - Wisdom Sits in Places. Place - David, David- Place. OHHHHHH!.
Edward Abbey - The Monkey Wrench Gang. I regret my Edward Abbey phase now. And Desert Solitaire is better. But when I was 16 I loved this one more.
Sweeney Todd - The moment when I went from a kid who likes musicals to hardcore fanboy. I had the soundtrack memorized before I saw it. And then I saw it. From "the birthday seats." Wow.   It's very tempting to put South Pacific in here, because it was the first musical I loved.  Or West Side Story, which was the second (and I got to act in one summer) but this was Soundheim and a whole new world opening for me.  Again, the criticism thing from mom and my Aunt Naomi helped me understand this show so much better opening new worlds to me. 
Harry Potter (all of them) - duh

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