Tuesday, May 12, 2015

20,000! (and you should still Boycott ISTE)

20,000 page views. Withywindle claims he accounts for half of them. I'm pretty sure Spam Bots account for the other half. I started back in April of 2013. It took me until September 2014 to hit the 10,000 page view mark. It looks like I'm picking up the pace a bit in terms of readership as I doubled my total page views in about half the time it took me to get to 10,000.   My most popular post is still #Boycott ISTE and it's still true.  ISTE is in Philly this year and I won't be going unless I somehow get a press pass and then I'll live blog it in all it's commercialized horror.  I should note that ISTE now has a code of conduct (it didn't at the time I wrote the original post) but the other criticisms remain true.  This year the registration fee is $464 if you register now.  Compare that to $164 for ASA.  That's almost three times as much for a lot less value. 

In other news, I was calling out David Brooks way before it was cool.  

Also, I'm pretty sure Tom Brady missed the week we did Watergate in US since 1933.  Something about a trip to the White House and a ring.  He might have been using the golem voice when he told me he wasn't coming to class that week. 

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