Monday, June 8, 2015

Guest post AP US History

I've been bogged down in finals and end of year stuff.  But I was charmed by this Facebook post from Maria Montoya who attended the AP US History reading and she gave me permission to repost here:

What I learned after 8 days of grading 893 (yes, I counted) AP US History questions: 1) I can sit quietly for 8 hours a day and work steadily without listening to music, checking Facebook, or being distracted; 2) Even among the most elite group of students (AP test-takes), there still exists immense achievement gaps in our country; 3) The high school history teachers I worked with this past week are among the most impressive group of people I have had the pleasure of hanging out with in a long time (especially the group from Jefferson County) as they are dedicated to teaching U.S history in the face of some rather daunting and unfair criticism.
If you can, then take a moment to thank your favorite high school history teacher or any teacher in general for the hard work they do. Thanks, Mona Lundy !

 Feel free to put your thanks in the comments. 

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