Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In the meantime...

School is starting up and I'm busy as heck.  Syllabi for new courses posted soon.  In the meantime....

SmackHigh is an anti-bullying social sight that separated 1.65 million dollars from idiots.  Kind of like the way people who deal smack separate money from people who use it to get high.  I mean they named it Heroin High ffs.  Somebody look at investor Wayne Chang's medicine cabinet and see what the hell is in there.  And if I had money with any of the capital groups that invested in this, I'd be on the phone pissed off, pronto.  

What else could they have called that would have been worse?

Black Tar Twitter?

Facedown-in-the gutter-book?

The Roofie is on fire?

Ashley Madison Jr?

Add your suggestions in the comments. 

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