Thursday, September 24, 2015

So this happened last Sunday

Dear Family and friends,
I am deeply gratified this morning by your birthday wishes. I want to share a little story of my day so far. At 5 AM, I woke up with itchy palms. I laughed to my self as I thought about the birthday card from my mother waiting for me downstairs. Itchy palms, according to an old wives tale, means you are coming into money. Clearly my mom had sent me a check. I got up to get drink a water. I got a back in bed. But my palms were still itchy and now I had terrible heartburn. I got up, took a Tums, drank more water, got back in bed.
By this point, Lori had woken up. "What's wrong." "Nothing," I said, "my palms itch. I'm probably having an allergic reaction to something." She said, "take a Benadryl." I checked the bathroom, looked in the mirror while I was there, "Hey" I thought. "I'm looking pretty good! Can it be I'm getting younger-looking?" I can't find the Benadryl. Lori tells me to check the First Aid kit we use for Girl Scouts. I find it, gosh I felt itchy. I couldn't get the stupid package open. Lori came downstairs and helped me. I took two kids Benadryl and got back in bed. On the way I got my Epipen. "You know, " I said to Lori, "you might have to use this if I can't".
"That's it," she said, "we're going to the hospital." "That's a little extreme," I protested.
"David, you've got a rash that's spreading, I can barely understand your speech because your tongue is swelling. (She left out "you look like you're thirty because your face has swelled up and you lost all your wrinkles.")
So off to the Chestnut Hill ER we go. One IV later, and the nurses sent me home. "Did we do the right thing coming here?" I asked.
The nurse, who had been so kind all morning gave me the death stare. "If you hadn't of come in, you'd probably be dead right now. You didn't use your Epipen. You were in anaphalyxis heading towards anaphalactic shock. In the future, if you even think you need your Epipen, use your Epipen."
So today is a freakin awesome birthday. All the little sings that seemed like big things are little again. I can see the big things that really matter more clearly. Everyone looks more beautiful and food tastes better.
That's why I'm so grateful today. But I am especially grateful for Lori who saved my life making this the best birthday evah.
As Bill and Ted said, "Be excellent to each other."
I love you all.

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  1. Oof. Happy Birthday!--glad to be able to say it to you.