Sunday, October 11, 2015

On Utley

I never liked Chase Utley much.  I've always been a Rollins guy (I met him once).  It irked me that Utley never spoke up about the racialized discourse around he, Rollins, and Howard wherein he had "grit" and Rollins and Howard didn't.  They were "athletes." Utley's "grit" cost the team games and likely shortened his own career.  We would call that stupidity.  Dropping an f-bomb in public didn't help. 

 In short, I thought Utley was a bad teammate and a bad person.  When a white guy who has a certain amount of respect in town has the opportunity to speak out about a racialized discourse, especially one that targets his teammates, I think he's morally obligated to speak out about it.  He never did.  

Now Utley did something else really despicable.  He intentionally broke a guy's leg.  I hope it tarnishes the legacy of a good baseball player who was a bad man.  

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