Wednesday, December 21, 2016

More on turnitin.

So this story got me thinking about turnitin again. Plus Russel Arben Fox asked me to blog about it again.  So I guess I will.

In the above linked story, a Latina student was accused of plagiarism because her instructor didn't believe she could use big, fancy words.   The instructor just knew that the student didn't write the paper.  The comments section on the facebook feed I got the story from was filled with faculty and graduate students of color, all of whom had similar stories.  It was pretty depressing.  As I've pointed out before, using turnitin for all my students helps them avoid plagiarism because I allow them to see their match scores and correct any problems.  But it helps me avoid prejudgement about my students as well.   When I use turnitin, I don't make assumptions about which students are more likely to plagiarize and which are not.  I've always tried to grade blind, which I can't do in turnitin (could you guys add that feature?), but I can at least treat all my students fairly.

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